Final report on the Experiencing Sprechgesang. Theatre´s Forgotten Instrument research, written by Susanna Uchatius (Theatre Terrific) and James Coomber in August, 2011. The report was written after the 3 day workshop done at the Woodwar´s Center at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. The research was conducted on June 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2011. The report contains: The People In The Room; The original questions we proposed to research, where they came from and why they interested us; What we did when we found out that we were selected for Nightswimming´s research program; Day One Observations and Discoveries; Day Two Observations and more Discoveries; Day Thrre Observations and a Major Breakthroug; What do we do with this discovery?; What Filled Susanna´s Cup at the End of an Increidible Journey; and Sounding Off… One Last Note from James. 

Creators: Susanna Uchatius (Theatre Terrific) and James Coomber

Date: Aug, 2011

Physical Description: Digital

Language: English

Categories: Experiencing Sprechgesang, Theatre's Forgotten Instrument / Text

Location: Pure Research Archive

Venue: Wooward´s Center at the Simon Fraser University

City / Country: Vancouver, Canada

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