Biographies of researchers that conducted the Pure Research projects.

  Erika Batdorf

Erika Batdorf has been performing, directing, choreographing, animating art openings and creating award winning performance work since 1983. Her work has appeared in Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Indonesia, Georgia and 14 US states in such places as the Smithsonian Institute, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Harvard University, Movement […]

  Cathy Nosaty

Sound Manipulation (December, 2006)

  Lois Brown

On Comedy (October, 2005)

  Christine Brubaker

Acting for Theatre and Camera (October, 2012)

  Joanna Garfinkel

Discovering Physical Narrative in Unusual Source Material (May-June, 2013)

  Natalie Schneck

Discovering Physical Narrative in Unusual Source Material (May-June, 2013)

  Ellen Moffat

Book Table Chair (May, 2013)

  Kathryn Ricketts

Book Table Chair (May, 2013)

  Gail Lotenberg

Exposing Dialogue Through Dance (June, 2012)

  Nita Bowerman

Life Abstracted (June, 2012)

  James Long

Physicality and Text (June, 2011)

  Maiko Yamamoto

Physicality and Text (June, 2011)

  James Coomber

Experiencing Sprechgesang, Theatre’s Forgotten Instrument (June, 2011)

  Kate Digby

Kinesthetic Transference in Performance (December, 2007)

  Rebecca Singh

The Choral Revolution (December, 2007)

  Camellia Koo

The Box (December, 2006)

  Moynan King

The Unsuspecting Audience (December, 2007) & The Invitation (November, 2006)

  Heather Nicol

Hello! Sound, Voice, and Connection (May, 2004)

  Martin Julien

Voice, Music and Narrative (April-May, 2003)