The Box

Pure Research number ten was led by Camellia Koo at Glen Morris Studio at the University of Toronto in Toronto, on November 14th, 15th, and 18th, 2006.

Topic of research and goals: Experimenting with putting a barrier between a performer and the audience. Exploring the blurring role of performer and audience member: who is leading who, who is driving the piece, and who is watching.

General inquiries: How can a performer communicate to or with an audience through a box?; How can an audience interact back?; Who is the viewer and who is being viewed? An does this perspective have to remain static, or can it be fluid and keep interchanging?; What types of barriers can we place between the performer and the audience?; How can an audience learn through the performance what the rules are and what they are allowed or required to do in order to experience the piece as a whole?; How can we implicate the audience into experimenting what they are watching so that they do not remain a passive “watching” audience?


Lead researcher: Camellia Koo

Participating artists: Guillermo Verdecchia, Christine Brubaker, Yvette Nolan, Lisa Cordington, Andre du Toit, Sandra Lefrancois, and Kevin Steeper.

Nightswimming: Brian Quirt, and Naomi Campbell.

  Budget and Collaborators

Final workshop details.

  Project Details

Revised research proposal and project details.

  Application Letter, Project Description, and Resumes

Camellia Koo´s Pure Research application letter, project description, and resumes.


Final report on the research project.