Hello! Sound, Voice and Connection

Pure Research number three was led by Heather Nicol at The Theatre Centre in Toronto on May 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2004.

Topic of research and goals: The way sound resonates when juxtaposed with objects and materials outside of the typical repertoire for listening.

General inquiries: Without a conventional stage or live actors, and without familiar narrative or musical structures, is there a will to listen?; How can voice be employed as a vehicle for discourse on social expectations, on desire, on control, on anxiety? Regarding questions of process: How does an artist whose background has involved using inanimate materials, which can be stretched, layered, reformatted or discarded without any regard for their contributions or feelings translate their practice to include a “human resource”?; How can this exchange expand or alter that practice, or the practices of participants?


Lead researcher: Heather Nicol.

Participating artists: Bruce Vavrina

Nightswimming: Brian Quirt and Naomi Campbell.

  Sound Clip

Sound clip of the experiments for the research.

  Letter for the Participating Artists

Letter sent by Heather Nicol to the artist participating in the research project.

  Project Description

Heather Nicol´s Pure Research project description.


Final report on the research project.