The Unfettered Singer

Pure Research number twenty-one was led by Derek Kwan at Glen Morris Studio at the University of Toronto in Toronto, on October 15th, 18th, and 19th, 2010.

Topic of research and goals: Explore some physical limitations of Classical singing and serve as some sort of basis from which to work to integrate extreme physical movement into opera.

General inquiries: What are the physical limitations of operatic singing?; With the current trend of integrating physicality into opera, what exactly is feasible?; Are there boundaries that haven´t been tested yet?


Lead researcher: Derek Kwan.

Participating artists: Teiya Kasahara and Michael Mori.

Nightswimming: Brian Quirt, Rupal Shah, and intern Rachel Steinberg.

  Workshop – Day 3

Pictures of the last day of the workshop.

  Workshop – Day 2

Pictures of the second day of the workshop.

  Workshop – Day 1

Pictures of the first day of the workshop.

  Draft Schedule

Draft of the workshop schedule.

  Project Proposal – Abstract

Short project proposal and schedule for day 1 of the workshop.

  Application Letter, Project Description, and Resumes

Derek Kwan´s Pure Research application letter, project description, and resume.


Final report on the research project.