Beneath the Poetry: Magic Not Meaning

Pure Research number two was led by Kate Hennig at The Theatre Centre in Toronto on May 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th, 2003.

Topic of research and goals: Exploration of intuitive connection with text, with the long-term goal of searching for alternative models of illuminating text in rehearsal.

General inquiries: What if we enter into a relationship with the word that is completely subjective?; How rich will the experience of the word be?; Will we be able to communicate that richness to our audience?


Lead researcher: Kate Hennig.

Participating artists: Marion Day, Helen Farmer, Pam Johnson, Tanya Matthews, Michelle Polak, Larry Smith, and Clare Preuss.

Nightswimming: Brian Quirt and Naomi Campbell.


Academic article written by Kate Hennig.

  Workshop Notes

Tanya Matthews´ notes about the workshop.

  Workshop Notes

Helen Farmer´s notes about the workshop.

  Workshop Notes

Larry Smith´s notes about the workshop.

  Workshop Notes

Michelle Polak´s notes about the workshop.

  Workshop Notes

Marion Day´s notes about the workshop.

  Theoretical Support

Chapters of the book “Medicine Cards”.

  Workshop Notes

Pamela Johnson´s notes about the workshop.


Notes from workshop actor Tanya Matthews.

  Poem and Word List with Notes

Poem and word list used by Kate Hennig during the workshop.

  Objective Observer Statement

Observer´s statements filled out during the workshop.

  Book review: “Finding Freedom”

Extract from the review of the book “Finding Freedom” by Phillip Shepherd.


Notes from workshop actor Pamela Johnson.

  Workshop Notes

Notes by Unknown Observer.


Notes from workshop actor Larry Smith.


Notes from workshop observer Clare Preuss.

  List of Words

Experimentation material for the workshop.

  “The Butterfly’s Evil Spell” (Extract)

Poem extracted from “The Butterfly´s Evil” Spell by Federico García Lorca written in 1920.

  Workshop Schedule

Workshop schedule designed by Kate Hennig in Mayo 2003.

  Research Goals

Research goals written by Kate Hennig after the workshop.

  Research Journal

Kate Hennig´s research journal written in May 2003.

  Objective Observer Statement

Observer sheet for comments on the activities done during the workshop.

  Research Proposal

Research proposal written by Kate Hennig in November 2003


Kate Hennig´s resume.

  Application Letter

Kate Hennig´s Pure Research application letter.


Final report on the research project.