Experiencing Sprechgesang, Theatre’s Forgotten Instrument

Pure Research number seventeen was led by Susanna Uchatius and James Coomber at the Woodward Centre of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, on June 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2011.

Topic of research and goals: To better understand the voice as a whole entity, to assist the player and the voice in becoming one, to establish possible navigational coordinates needed to make this ´becoming one´ possible, and to support the voice in developing performance and communicative elements that perhaps have not been discovered or fully utilized.

General inquiries: Is there a primal element missing in the classic theatre´s pedagogical approach to the study of speaking text?; Are there untapped approaches that would assist the actor in accessing their full voice? If so, what are they?


Lead researchers: Susanna Uchatius and James Coomber.

Participating artists: Trevor O´Rourke, and Keiran Naugler.

Nightswimming: Brian Quirt, Rupal Shah, and intern Leora Morris.

Simon Fraser University: DD Kugler.

  Exercise (2)

Vocal exercise done on the third day of the workshop.

  Exercise (1)

Vocal exercise done on the third day of the workshop.

  Workshop – Day 3

Pictures of the third day of the workshop.

  Workshop – Day 2

Pictures of the second day of the workshop.

  Workshop – Day 1

Pictures of the first day of the workshop.

  “Thoughts on Nightswimming”

Susanna Uchatius´s reflections on the research workshop.

  Application Letter, Project Description, and Resumes

Susanna Uchatius and James Coomber´s Pure Research application letter, project description, and resume.


Final report on the research project.