About the Archive

This website is the digital platform created to share Pure Research’s material and physical archive. Its goal is to share  documents which were produced before, during and sometimes after the 24 research projects, conducted by different artists with Nightswimming over the past 14 years.

Pure Research’s Archive contains physical material and digital material donated by the artists who conducted and participated in the research. All this was divided first by project and then by category. The categories used in this archive are: Audio, Audiovisual, Photographs, Text, and Graphic Material. Every document was categorized, described, digitalized and carefully organized in a hard drive available at Nightswimming´s office (upon request).

Pure Research artists collaborated with this research by providing the research team with documents, information, and interviews that were used to contextualize and put content into the archive.

This project was created and constructed by Carmina Infante, a performing arts researcher currently living in Santiago, Chile, with the help and guidance of Nightswimming’s Artistic Director and Producer during 2015. The spirit of this archive and the intention behind building a digital platform is to put value into and share the research process and the investigations behind art´s finished products. Every research project conducted through Pure Research, both in Toronto and Vancouver, had important outcomes that we believe are worth sharing with the community in a democratic and transparent way.


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